Fun games I’ve played

I’m not by any means saying these are the best games ever. These are simply the games I’ve had more fun playing, the most engrossing and satisfying experiences.

They are not in any specific order.


Sim City 4


A city building and management simulator. Lots of numbers to juggle, really cozy graphics, fun text. There were more Sim Cities, but this one was the best.




Lots of people wanted graphically impressive games with their PSPs, but this games was just the best. Absolutely beautiful, great music by Mondo Grosso, gameplay was tight and super fun.


Streets of Rage 2


Oldschool early 90s action with great bassy techno and rather repetitive but fun anyway gameplay. The music really sets this game apart from other inferior and ugly games like Final Fight.


Final Fantasy VII

Damn this game is beautiful. The first hours were one of the best experiences ever. The cyberpunk aesthetics and the ultra charismatic NPCs and the impressive prerendered backgrounds and the crazy magic – everything about this game is legendary. Other Final Fantasy games (such as VI or X) are also super good. This one, however, blew my teenage mind.


Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


My computer being able to run a GBA emulator in the early 2000s was how I mostly played around that time. There were tons of great games for the system, mind you, but Castlevania: AoS was deep, long, graphically detailed, and tons of fun. I adored it. Pixel art is one of my weaknesses since then.


Sonic CD

sonic cd

Sonic used to be so cool. This game, for example, gives you speed, crisp and saturated graphics, catchy electronic music, and technically impressive effects, including animated cutscenes. The timeline concept was also an interesting idea, and the sprites used in this game are the best ever in a Sonic game IMO.


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4


Such an experience. This game had me obsessed until the end. The characters are so likeable, the gameplay is so much fun, the visuals are so appealing. I wanted to live in that small village.


WipeOut Pure


I like racing games for the eternal replayability and the sense of progression, and this game gives you that plus slick futuristic graphics and tight controls. The techno soundtrack is, again, perfect for the game.

Goals for next Summer Solstice



Kind of a new year, so:

  • Japanese B1
  • Swedish A1
  • Really fit
  • Pass the police access tests
  • Money saved for Japan with my family
  • Write regularly
  • Find a way to contribute to humanity
  • Pass an actual programming course

Also deal with anxiety and mood swings a bit, but that is getting better already.


Caspian report


Porto dies mirant aquest canal sense parar. És possible (mai se sap) que hi hagi alguna cosa que no acabi de ser imparcial, però dona molta sensació de ser neutral i té moltíssims videos sobre geopolítica interessantíssims. Molt recomenat.

Princes of the Yen


A most excellent documentary on how the Japanese became an economic miracle thanks to their economic planning —  via Window Guidance, a process by which the Bank of Japan imposed where the credit went, and what quantity of it. It also shows how unbridled capitalism, which took hold of the country in the 80s, made it prey to boom and bust cycles and caused it to become the most indebted country in the world.

You can watch it in YouTube.

Talking about the future in English

aj will, going to (4).jpg

We can talk about future plans and events in English in many different ways. For example, we could just use the present simple:

My train leaves at 8:30 tomorrow

Here, we are speaking about a future event using the present. We need to indicate the time, of course. We can also use the present continuous for arrangements and appointments:

I am meeting Maria tomorrow.

She is playing football Thursday evening, so she cannot meet you.

We also need to use a time expression, generally. Sometimes we will use it without a time expression when it’s something that is about to happen:

(the bell rings) “I’m coming!”

Another option is using going to. We use this option generally when we have decided to do something, even if we have not arranged it or made an appointment. We can also use it in past to express you had plans for something that didn’t happen in the end.

I am going to study law from now on.

We are going to buy a new car.

She was going to take the exam yesterday, but she had an accident.

Going to is also used for predictions, when they are based on evidence we can see.

(we see some very dark clouds above the city) “It is going to rain a lot!”

Another way of talking about the future is using will. Will is used when we make a spontaneous decision:

Is Jessica coming? Then I’ll go too!

Will is also used when offering something,  when you are agreeing or promising to do something, or when you are asking someone to do something.

That exercise is really difficult. I’ll help you a bit.

I’ll give you the book this Friday.

Will you please shut the door?

It is important to remember not to use will for arrangements or schedules.

Emma will work next week.

Emma is working next week 

Finally, we can also use will for predictions, like going to. The difference is how sure we are of the prediction we are making:

It’ll rain next week.