A phone with a keyboard

Now, I’m perfectly happy with my iPhone SE, which is less than a year old and works almost flawlessly. I’m also happy with my Macbook Pro. This does not mean I don’t still keep some of my previous preferences, such as Thinkpads (I still sometimes turn on my X60s, and still consider it to be an amazing laptop – maybe the best ever) or phones with physical keyboards. The last keyboard-equipped phone I owned was a Palm Pre (look it up, amazing phone and wonderful Operating System) but I have periodically had these impulses to go back to an older phone with a physical keyboard. I’ve looked up and nearly bought the Nokia E72, but I’ve always ended up getting other models. I’m yet again tempted by the BlackBerry KEYone.


The phone is beautiful in a business-like way, understated and elegant. This is specially true for the kind of people who also like business laptops, of course, as they share much of the same… aesthetics. BlackBerries. Thinkpads. Airports. Briefcases. Business cards. A double-shot latte with in a medium-sized cup, best bang for the buck, intense flavour, no sugar, trying to lose some weight. In any case, this phone is not only what I like looks-wise, it’s also actually good, according to the reviews. Good battery life, nice camera, latest Android version, an all-around good package.

Tech Noir


I recently discovered I can look for ‘tech noir’ to find even more






images I like watching.

I’m going to have screens showing these 24/7 one day. ONE DAY.


La mejor fuente para tamaños pequeños de letra


Tahoma es la ideal. Hay fuentes pensadas para su uso cuando hay que trabajar per-pixel, en cuadrículas de 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 pero en el uso general Tahoma es suficientemente compacta, legible (a pesar de ser sans serif, cuando la leo parece que sí que los contenga) y adaptada para su uso en cualquier OS o aplicación. Segoe UI es incluso mejor, pero al parecer no todos los ordenadores pueden abrirla correctamente, así que de momento Tahoma es la escogida.


Tahoma sería la ideal si no fuera porque por alguna estúpida razón no puede ponerse en cursiva. En serio, es de lo más frustrante que he presenciado en mucho tiempo.

Usando Helvetica de nuevo, que tiene un documental dedicado a ella. A ver qué me depara el futuro en lo que a fuentes se refiere.


Played through this Visual Novel around half a year ago. It became one of my favourite games ever (even if, as usual, it only barely qualifies as a game).

It has extremely attractive visuals, even if they are not very polished at times. The story itself is full of charm and lovely characters. I really enjoyed the bar where the action takes place, the people visiting, the slice of life VA-11 HALL-A offers. There is, as I mentioned before, little in the way of actual gameplay – but more than most Visual Novels offer: we mix drinks for the customers and our decisions sometimes push the story one way or another.

I cannot recommend this enough to all people who like videogames, anime, fantasy, cyberpunk, and all the internet-related subculture. It’s for nerds, but it’s extremely good.



Finally played this game. It didn’t take very long, which speaks volumes about how gripping the story is. It is not a conventional game at all – it is barely a game, if one thinks about it, as the player is essentially held by their hand through the plot. We do get to feel more immersed than with a movie, though. That is something to think about: even when the actual playability is kept to a minimum, the medium allows the spectator to visit the story in a very different way.

I’m not going to speak about the story or the characters. I think spoiler-free is where it’s at. It really is emotion-provoking though, that is for sure. I can totally recommend it, and would recommend it also as a cinematic experience. Play it even if you don’t normally play videogames, is what I mean.