Taking Japanese classes again.

Found a great teacher, she’s super methodical. I’m having lots of fun.



I enjoy non-fiction a lot more than I do fiction. I prefer essays on economics to novels. I recently realised the reason why I enjoyed Prattchet as much as I did was because his books were pretty much non-fictional in nature, meaning they spent most of the space describing the world they were set on rather than describing the action itself. I’ll go as far as saying he was not especially good when it came to the stories. But the characters, the world, the history of that world, the small details and the thoughts and philosophy hidden there, that was amazing. The story was almost an afterthought.

So, this happened.


It was a really, really interesting night.

Long story short:

The average voter takes an interest in politics when a story really stands out, or when it is urgent to decide who to vote. So, very occasionally during the four years preceding an election, and then the previous week. Trump stood out as an outsider. And he really stood out, in general. And there is a general discontent with how the elites are managing the country – it is a failure of capitalism itself but, again, this is not what the average voter wants to think about. They will vote someone who will disrupt and change what the government has been doing. Hillary Clinton really really tried to appear level-headed and moderate, the sensible option. Not the right strategy. Should have been Sanders in her place, but she (and the rest of the apparatus of the Democrat party) saw fit to push him aside and use the opportunity given by a joke of a contender to have four years of helping her corporate friends and paying back favours inside the party.

And then she lost. She lost hard.

There are people protesting over the fact that she technically got more votes. They would not be protesting if it was the other way around. The democrat party have done nothing to fix this, because it was useful for them. They knew how to play the game. They had more money, more experience, more celebrities, more everything. Trump even had another right wing candidate stealing him around 3% of the vote. And he won. He won hard. Against all odds.

This is a disaster, of course. But it is Hillary Clinton’s fault. Again, it should have been Bernie Sanders. She knew it was him who had the supporters and the natural candidate. I am really angry at her. Trump is going to destroy the climate and push the whole world’s political discourse to the right.

The only good thing coming out of this is that, finally, there might be a worker’s movement. A real left. A fight for socialism.

EDIT: apparently Sanders wrote a bit about it.

Richard D Wolff

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