Played through this Visual Novel around half a year ago. It became one of my favourite games ever (even if, as usual, it only barely qualifies as a game).

It has extremely attractive visuals, even if they are not very polished at times. The story itself is full of charm and lovely characters. I really enjoyed the bar where the action takes place, the people visiting, the slice of life VA-11 HALL-A offers. There is, as I mentioned before, little in the way of actual gameplay – but more than most Visual Novels offer: we mix drinks for the customers and our decisions sometimes push the story one way or another.

I cannot recommend this enough to all people who like videogames, anime, fantasy, cyberpunk, and all the internet-related subculture. It’s for nerds, but it’s extremely good.



Reading through this Visual Novel at the moment. I’m finding it very enjoyable, fun and interesting. Also, if I ever do write something, it’s going to be in this format. This is a great middle ground between comics and novels, and is easy to read. It also offers a slight amount of interaction between the reader and the media. I would probably not offer different storylines though; instead, there would be an optional depth to the story. The reader could access more information, or just go through the main plot. Only an idea in any case.