10 New Year's Resolutions

One more year has passed. Everyone says resolutions are stupid, and I couldn’t agree more. What is more, life itself is stupid and futile. Our ephemeral existence has no meaning or purpose. We therefore need to look for things to do then, and I like lists. I might as well.

Being More Creative

I want to create something. A podcast is an option. Maybe I could rap again, or make electronic music. I could also design, I like interior design and product design. I think I could be decent at it.

Passing the JLPT N3

This is long overdue thing. I need to get it done or I won’t have time to enjoy it.

Working Out

This is becoming more and more important. I need to keep fit. I still remember having abs.

Getting my Master’s

I honestly don’t like it a lot, but I really really need it.


I want to have less. This is going to help me find things more easily and be less stressed. Mens sana in a decluttered room.

Gitting Gud at MTG

I want to be a decent MTG player. I love this game, I want to be able to enjoy my games no matter the opponent.

Drinking less coffee and eat less sugar.

Again, growing more and more important as time passes. Sugar is not doing me any favours. Coffee is, I guess, but I need to have it as a resource or pleasure, not a need.

Making money

Nothing crazy, really. I need to be able to live more comfortably.

Helping my nation

I think I can help Catalunya’s struggle. I don’t really know how, but I’m smart. I’ll find a way.

Helping my social class

Class warfare is a real thing. We’re losing hard.

Choosing a watch

Screenshot at 2018-12-13 23-11-28


It should be easier! The amount of options is quite paralyzing though. I do know I want a Japanese watch, even though Timex are excellent makers too. I’m just a huge weeb. I don’t like populated crowns, and spartan, minimalistic dials are a plus. Showing the date is a must, definitely. Pic related is one of my favourites, but which one is going to be the chosen one is something that will probably require quite a longer time to know.