Choosing a watch

Screenshot at 2018-12-13 23-11-28


It should be easier! The amount of options is quite paralyzing though. I do know I want a Japanese watch, even though Timex are excellent makers too. I’m just a huge weeb. I don’t like populated crowns, and spartan, minimalistic dials are a plus. Showing the date is a must, definitely. Pic related is one of my favourites, but which one is going to be the chosen one is something that will probably require quite a longer time to know.

Goals for next Summer Solstice



Kind of a new year, so:

  • Japanese B1
  • Swedish A1
  • Really fit
  • Pass the police access tests
  • Money saved for Japan with my family
  • Write regularly
  • Find a way to contribute to humanity
  • Pass an actual programming course

Also deal with anxiety and mood swings a bit, but that is getting better already.


Tech Noir


I recently discovered I can look for ‘tech noir’ to find even more






images I like watching.

I’m going to have screens showing these 24/7 one day. ONE DAY.