Modern art

From Reddit:

I once read something that explained modern art in a way that made sense to me, so I’m going to paraphrase it here for y’all.

Once you move beyond direct representational art, you should think of it like you would memes. Early generation memes are simple and easy to read or relate to, like rage faces. Eventually, they get overused and new memes are created. With ever generation you get a little further away from direct representation and you start to develop this entire language of inside jokes and references that only make sense if you know the reference of the reference of the reference you’re referencing, if you get my drift. By the time you reach modern memes, you end up with some truly bizarre and surreal shit that’s only funny to people who are in the know.

Modern art has developed the same way. A lot of stuff that seems simplistic is culturally complex, you just don’t know the language well enough to read and relate to it. While that does mean that modern art can be harder to relate to for those who aren’t interested in the history, it doesn’t mean it has no value. The target audience is just a bit narrower.

As you can see, now all points of view can agree. Indeed, art used to be different. Remember, only a limited amount of people could engage in creation not that long ago. In fact, only a limited amount of people could even enjoy it, as it used to be something to be enjoyed by only a few. However, things have changed. With society, art has changed. Now that a lot of people can enjoy it, meta art is created. The levels of abstraction and references go beyond what most can understand.

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