My next phone


So, my Nexus 5 is a good phone and I haven’t had it for a year yet, so it’s not like I have to change it or anything. But I keep thinking about what I want my next phone to be, features and spec-wise. Here are some conclusions:


The screen in the Nexus 5 is pretty much perfect. 5″ is a great size for a Smartphone screen. And the resolution and colours are so nice.

The size is about as big as I want to go. I might consider something very slightly bigger if there was a very good reason for it, but in general I want my next phone to be smaller, or the same size.

The battery is not enough. I have been trying out things on the software side and it is definitely a software problem, as removing Google Play Services increases the battery by a ton percent. The phone consistently lasts two times as long. Still, I want a bigger battery. Given I am not going for a bigger screen, and processors are getting more and more efficient, it does not need to be two times the mAh, but I am looking for a 3000 mAh battery.

The camera is… nice. It produces good enough results. Not a priority, but a bit better would be great.

I definitely LOVE the design. It is the definition of understated, sober, not there. I like this sort of thing.

The materials could be a bit better, as the plastics are starting to look beaten and the phone is not even one year old. But I could also take better care of the thing.

Android needs to improve. The battery management is awful, to start with. And it lacks cohesion. Fortunately, custom roms are a blessing, especially Slimroms and Cyanogenmod. But still, the fact that Google Play Services cuts the battery in half is just terrible.

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