I use GNU/Linux in my primary computer and I couldn’t be happier with it, but I can see why some users might need to use Windows, or prefer to do so. One of the biggest hassles of using Windows is the installation process itself: the slow installation followed by days of updating and, most importantly, the need to install a multitude of drivers and necessary software. I cannot offer general help with the former, but someone did a great job of solving the latter.

Screenshot - 02162015 - 12:15:30 AM

Ninite is really simple to use: select all the software you need and click to get an installer that will do the job for you and even say ‘no’ to all the offers and adware that many programs try to install alongside them. This will help you finish your Windows installations a lot faster and you’ll have to devote a lot less time to browsing and finding installers. Also, you won’t be as likely to install bloat and browser hijackers.

Of course, I still recommend you to try out Linux.

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