Lords and Ladies

Capitalism is an enormous vacuum. A constant upwards stream of wealth, privileges, rights, dignity. We are being robbed every single second of everything we have, and there are many who find this completely justified. The arguments in favour of capitalism are efficiency, freedom and the risks of change.

Capitalism works because it is not really a system. It becomes, when left to its own devices, when it does not have to compete with any other system, a mere systematic act of theft. There is no organization beyond one single rule: endless accumulation. Accumulation of power and wealth, of dignity and justice.

Capitalism does not strive to achieve anything. There is no end. The only freedom valued by capitalists is their own freedom. Free market is a lie: the rules are may not be set by an elected government, but they are set. By the strongest. The biggest fish.

Capitalism is the bully convincing you there is no need for anyone looking after the playground, in case you become the bully. Capitalism is an eternal scam, the infinite lie of a theoretical freedom. There is no freedom. Capitalism is in a state in which only self-preservation is pursued. A greater concentration of power and wealth. Further isolation. A police state in which the only valid laws are those who defend the powerful.

Capitalism is strong in its simplicity. There is no need for a complex organization. It is weak in its nature, because it is destined to fail and to create crises whether it works perfectly or fails to work. But crises are a time for even further concentration of power and wealth.

Capitalism will not end through the democracy. Democracy does not exist any more in many self-called democratic countries. Corruption of the few elected is a terribly easy and effective mechanism, as it exploits the essential flaw in representation: the person representing the humble, the poor, the powerless ceases to be powerless, poor or, in many cases, humble. That the United States, home to the most blatantly rigged and ineffective election system in the developed world, call themselves the warrant of democracy serves as a good example.

Capitalism does have weaknesses, nevertheless. We can choose not to collaborate with the system, and this can weaken it; we should not be fooled into thinking this will end it, though. It can work as a way to pressure the powerful to make concessions to that which is unnatural to the system, that is, taking care of the common citizen. Citizens are providers of work and customers, and a system that seeks the highest efficiency will logically want to pay as little as possible to the provider and to get as much as possible from the customer. Globalization has made us weaker as providers, but we can act as customers. There is another weakness that should be noted: the higher the concentration, the more defined the targets appear. The pressure points.

Capitalism creates lords and ladies, owners of the system. The system rests on all of us, as it is we who work to sustain it, but it is held together by them. It is them who also keep the wealth from reaching lower strata of society. And these lords and ladies are fewer and fewer as time passes. We know, or should know, they are the ones that are making us miserable. Every single rich person got part of your share, citizen. Yet they get increasingly good press. They are seen as heroes. They are villains. And they are fewer than ever. We see the data, we know that it is now only a few holding the wealth. Keeping it from us. Perpetuating this system.

It would be very, very healthy for society if some of them disappeared. New ones will raise to occupy their seats, but they will know what exploiting means. The consequences.

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