10 New Year's Resolutions

One more year has passed. Everyone says resolutions are stupid, and I couldn’t agree more. What is more, life itself is stupid and futile. Our ephemeral existence has no meaning or purpose. We therefore need to look for things to do then, and I like lists. I might as well.

Being More Creative

I want to create something. A podcast is an option. Maybe I could rap again, or make electronic music. I could also design, I like interior design and product design. I think I could be decent at it.

Passing the JLPT N3

This is long overdue thing. I need to get it done or I won’t have time to enjoy it.

Working Out

This is becoming more and more important. I need to keep fit. I still remember having abs.

Getting my Master’s

I honestly don’t like it a lot, but I really really need it.


I want to have less. This is going to help me find things more easily and be less stressed. Mens sana in a decluttered room.

Gitting Gud at MTG

I want to be a decent MTG player. I love this game, I want to be able to enjoy my games no matter the opponent.

Drinking less coffee and eat less sugar.

Again, growing more and more important as time passes. Sugar is not doing me any favours. Coffee is, I guess, but I need to have it as a resource or pleasure, not a need.

Making money

Nothing crazy, really. I need to be able to live more comfortably.

Helping my nation

I think I can help Catalunya’s struggle. I don’t really know how, but I’m smart. I’ll find a way.

Helping my social class

Class warfare is a real thing. We’re losing hard.

There is no good billionare.

From Reddit:

Billionaries aren’t just a policy failure, they are the embodiment of immorality. You can’t be a billionaire and a good person, despite what their astroturfing PR teams on reddit may try to tell you for some of the ‘good ones’. It’s literally impossible to accumulate that much wealth without the mass exploitation of others and the profits their labor generated. Not to mention the exploitation of the earth until it’s uninhabitable for human life.

George Washington was the richest man in the country when the US was founded, and he “only” had today’s equivalent of 500 million. That wouldn’t even get him in the room with some of these ghouls today. If people only understood just how obscenely rich these monsters were, they wouldn’t be able to show their face in society while millions suffer. I like to use the analogy of a staircase, with each step on the staircase representing $100,000 of net worth:

HALF of people in the united states are on the base or the very 1st step. Almost 200 million people who can’t even get one step up in this system. Those households at the 80th percentile, richer than 4/5 Americans, are on the 5th step. That’s about five seconds of walking to get up there. Those with more money than 90% of fellow Americans, millionaires who we consider our upper-middle class professional class and live more than comfortably, are on the 11th step. A few more seconds of walking up from that previous middle-class step.

A billionaire is ten thousand steps up the staircase. That’s enough to walk up five Empire State buildings. That’s almost three hours of walking non-stop. And Jeff Bezos? He’s so high up it only makes sense to describe his staircase in distance. His stairs take him up 133 miles. That’s more than halfway to the space station. That’s more than 24 consecutive Mt. Everest’s stacked on top of each other. It would take walking, non-stop, no sleep, over three months to ascend that high. All while more than half the country remains at or below that very first step…

There is no justification in the universe to that much money being hoarded by one family, and anyone working to justify it is an agent of evil.

Christmas Wishlist

Coses que em fan entre falta i gràcia per reis:

Un set de tornavisos que em duri per sempre. O un tornavís dels que se li poden canviar les puntes, que de fet m’agradaria més, però no sé si surten igual de resistents o bons. Si inclou claus hexagonals, millor. Si inclou les de got, excel·lent. Prefereixo menys opcions i millor qualitat que el contrari.

Un llibre de preparació per l’examen B2 de japonès. Ja el tinc, però vull repassar-ne la gramàtica. Els Nihongo Challenge N4 són bons, per exemple. També n’hi ha d’altres, com The Preparatory Course for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N4 Read.

Un llibre de preparació per l’examen B1 de japonès. Nihongo Challenge N3 és una opció, n’hi ha d’altres.

El Casio G-Shock GA-2100 en vermell.

Roba d’Uniqlo. Tot acostuma a semblar-me bé en aquella botiga, potser em fan falta uns texans negres. No molt ajustats, a ser possible.

Un llibre que es diu Dune. En anglès. L’autor és Frank Herbert.

Un altre llibre que es diu Essential: Essays by The Minimalists. Els autors són Joshua Fields, Nicodemus, Ryan Millburn.

Un comandament per la PlayStation 4. No la tinc, però és compatible amb la PlayStation 3, que sí que tinc. No vull un altre de la PlayStation 3, perquè es trenquen molt fàcilment i en algun moment tindré la 4. El color més econòmic que hi hagi, m’és absolutament igual.

Hi ha un parell de quadres de l’IKEA que m’agraden. Aquest d’aquí:

I aquest d’aquí:

També m’agradaria un llum pel sostre de l’habitació. Un plafó de llum LED és l’ideal, com més gran millor, suposo.

Una planta per la cantonada de l’habitació. Ha de ser alta, amb tronc, i sòlida, d’aquest estil:

Uns guants de moto. No agafo gaire la moto, però vull poder agafar-la de tant en quant i els meus guants són de broma. És més important la protecció que el que abriguin. Tinc les mans relativament petites.

Modern art

From Reddit:

I once read something that explained modern art in a way that made sense to me, so I’m going to paraphrase it here for y’all.

Once you move beyond direct representational art, you should think of it like you would memes. Early generation memes are simple and easy to read or relate to, like rage faces. Eventually, they get overused and new memes are created. With ever generation you get a little further away from direct representation and you start to develop this entire language of inside jokes and references that only make sense if you know the reference of the reference of the reference you’re referencing, if you get my drift. By the time you reach modern memes, you end up with some truly bizarre and surreal shit that’s only funny to people who are in the know.

Modern art has developed the same way. A lot of stuff that seems simplistic is culturally complex, you just don’t know the language well enough to read and relate to it. While that does mean that modern art can be harder to relate to for those who aren’t interested in the history, it doesn’t mean it has no value. The target audience is just a bit narrower.

As you can see, now all points of view can agree. Indeed, art used to be different. Remember, only a limited amount of people could engage in creation not that long ago. In fact, only a limited amount of people could even enjoy it, as it used to be something to be enjoyed by only a few. However, things have changed. With society, art has changed. Now that a lot of people can enjoy it, meta art is created. The levels of abstraction and references go beyond what most can understand.

Bra sizes

Reddit comment:

The first number is the band size, measured by the circumference of the underbust. To get the cup size via _the most common method_, you measure the loose circumference around the chest at the highest part of the breasts (typically over the nipples but not always) and subtract the underbust measurement, that then conveniently converts to letters in some of the most non-standardized fashion measurements in existence. I’m going to use inches because of convenience, but you can imagine how much worse things get when you have to convert metric measurements as well because fashion doesn’t like SI.

In all but Italy and Japan, less than 1 inch difference is AA-cup. Italy doesn’t have a size for this because apparently Italians don’t think bee stings need bras. Japan calls it A-cup; also Japan is simple because from there for every inch you move the letter up one.

Everywhere but Japan, 1 inch difference is A-cup. 2″ is B, 3″ is C, 4″ is D. At 5 inches we start to see variation. In North America it might be DD or E depending on brand and year, even season. In the UK, Italy, and Oceania, it’s DD. Most of Europe calls it E, and Japan is sitting at F now.

6″ is either DDD or F in NA; E in the UK, IT, and Oceania; F in Europe; and G in Japan.

7″ is DDDD or G in NA; F in the UK, IT, and Oceania; G in Europe; and H in Japan.

Now we get _really_ funky. 8″ is H in NA and Europe; FF in the UK and Italy; in Oceania it’s G, and I in Japan.

9″ is I in NA and Europe; G in the UK and IT; H in Oceania; and J in Japan.

10″ is J in NA and Europe; GG in the UK and Italy; I in Oceania; and K in Japan.

They all follow their patterns for anything larger. NA, Europe, Oceania, and Japan all just move to the next letter for every additional inch; though Oceania is a letter behind NA and Europe, and Japan is a letter ahead. The UK and Italy double the letter before moving on to the next one: H, HH, I, II, etc.

All said and done, it’s no surprise an overwhelming majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that both the underbust and bust can grow and shrink in response to seasons, diet, exercise, medication, sexual activity levels, pregnancy, menopause, hell some women have to have two sets of bras for opposite ends of their menstrual cycles!

Further complicating matters is the fact that metric-focused countries may or may not use 2cm increments for cup sizes instead of 1″ increments, and sometimes this is a problem even within the same _brand_. Even worse is that how any particular bra manufacturer does the sizing during manufacture isn’t standardized either, so one American manufacturer’s 32C might be another’s 34C.

And then there’s so-called “sister sizes”. Basically they’re the sizes of bras with the same cup _volume_ but different band measurement, so if your band size isn’t quite feeling right you can try them out and still have the boobs fit in the cup properly. Basically go down a cup and up a band size, or up a cup and down a band size. This is a thing because bands are typically manufactured in 2″ increments so someone might be a 31B but have to either go 30C or 32B to find a fit that’s comfortable and doesn’t have “gapping” (where the bra is floating away from the skin in a relaxed but upright posture) or “spillage” (I don’t think this needs explanation). Most bras now have multiple clips for adjusting band size within those 2″, but sometimes the best solution is using a sister size.

Lastly, left and right breasts are different sizes. In up to 10% of women, this fact is so drastically true that they have no choice but to have custom bras made as no manufacturer makes a “customize your own padding” bra with a drastic enough difference between the two that they can be comfortable.

In short, using bra sizes is a quick shorthand. Nothing more. Good for a quick idea if you understand the system, terrible for the vast majority of both men and women to use for anything accurate. For the record, plastic surgeons use a _much_ better system that’s actually somewhat standardized and is far more accurate, plus differentiates between left and right – 34-B-C for example is a 34″ underbust with an 8″ “swell” over the left breast and a 9″ swell over the right breast. Women who have issues finding a comfortable bra based on the under-over method may have better luck using the plastic surgeon method.


It’s bullshit from the start. First of all, just from the fact that she goes, in order, DD, DDD, then E when guessing at Pyrrha’s sizing; she doesn’t actually know how bra sizing works. Just as a reminder, in the USA, DD and E are the same size. Secondly, while she’s right that compression is a thing, there’s no way Pyrrha’s tits jut out 5″ from her body. And the compression explanation is also BS. There’s no telltale signs of compression where the flesh is visible (spillage is still a thing, compression really only works as a possibility when the whole package is covered by a shirt or something), and her armor actually shows gapping, which indicates that if anything her breasts are quite comfortably not being squished. It’s possible that Pyrrha _might_ have pulled them down then bound them, but seeing as how this is both extremely uncomfortable and impressively impractical, plus her armor wouldn’t really allow it anyway, I highly doubt that. While I’m out of practice with eyeballing sizes, I’d hesitantly put Pyrrha’s rack at 34D on the large side, more likely 34C. 34 and not 36 because she’s a teenager and she’s really not much wider in the underbust than anyone else. A heavy focus on upper body strength _can_ increase your underbust but comparing her to those around her who have less intense upper body regimens, she’s not significantly larger so I can confidently guess she’s well within the average range for an athletic 17 year old.

I’m not going to go through them all since it’s now 0200 my time, but maybe tomorrow if someone wants it.

If you or anyone else have any further questions about anything I talked about, I can probably answer them.

Source: former employee of Victoria’s Secret.